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Removes radon gas from inside air effectively and surely, with guarantee

RadonWay products are designed for northern climats. Made in Finland.

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100 % Guarantee to radon renovation

RadonWay® radon repair equipment for all sized radon renovations


Finnish radon specialists have developed install ready radon renovation systems for work places and private houses, which remove hazardous radon gas effectively and surely. Installation time of the radon renovation system is one working day, and all installations are carried out by professionals. The Radonway system is always installed as imperceptibly as possible to remove hazardous radon gas outdoors. Harmful radon gas will effectively move away from inside air immediately after installation of the Radonway system. 


The Radonway radon vacuum system is built for radon gas and inside air repairs of buildings, and it will always work surely and cost-effectively. The  Radonway system is CE-Marked and fulfils all requirements of authorities, it also corresponds to newest EU-Directive of Prevention of Hazardous Radon Gas.


According to Radiation and nuclear safety authority (STUK) of Finland, radon vacuum systems are one the most effective ways to remove hazardous radon gas away from inside air (Source; STUK). Radonway radon repair system was introduced as new innovation of the radon repair field in 2015 on radon repair schooling arranged by STUK. By installing the Radonway system created by finnish engineers, it is possible to reduce 90% of the risk of getting a lung cancer.


The Radonway system is designed to correspond to requirements of European council directive 2013/59/Euratom, article 74, level 3 about radon repair equipment.
Additionally, the Radonway system is always executed and set to work in the way that is best for the health care by ALARA principal (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), required by Radiation authorities.


 Radonkorjaus suunnittelu


Ok merkkiWith Radonway system it is possible to reduce the risk of getting a lung cancer by 90%

Ok merkkiRadonway operating costs are relatively low through the life cycle

Ok merkkiRadonway system is possible to install either indoors or outdoors. The system includes outcoming air filter system.

Ok merkkiRadonway system is planned to operate in demanding weather conditions.

Ok merkkiRadonway system is CE-marked and it comes with finnish manual. Radonway is made in Finland and built of guality components.

Ok merkkiRadonway systems are installed by professionals and installing always includes guarantee of getting rid of radon problem. The equipment includes 2 years guarantee


The energy efficiency of Radonway system is supreme:

The average electricity consumption of Radonway system is between 15W – 40W

  • Annual electricity cost of Radonway system is from 15-40 euros.

The average electricity consumption of the radon well installed outdoors is 250W

  • Annual electricity cost of radon well is 260 euros.

(The electricity price used on comparison 12cents/kWh)


Radonkorjaus kustannus



By choosing the Radonway system you will save a lot of money comparing to most of the other radon renovation systems. The reason why Radonway system is so energy efficient comes by using the modern components and materials.

-RadonWay- Made in Finland





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