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Removes radon gas from inside air effectively and surely, with guarantee

RadonWay products are designed for northern climats. Made in Finland.

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100 % Guarantee to radon renovation

Radon repair services in Finland, repairs systems sales in Europe.

We have created the service model for radon problems. The service model is combination of high quality, cost effectivity and customer service. We will complete the tasks with high quality service and nice attitude all over in Finland. We will fulfill all requirements and we can proudly call ourselves reliable partner.


All you need to do is to call our customer service +358 10 323 1000

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Radon measurements and measurement results

When solving the radon problem, first we need to explore the existing data of radon measurements. We also have computer based equipment to get radon measurement data relatively fast. Official radon measurements are always carried out with the equipment approved by Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).


Inspection of premises

When radon measurement results are high, it is always important to start figure out how to reduce the radon concentration of the premises. Inspection carried out by our professionals is the best way to start solving the radon problem. We also have great experience of solving the radon problems of the work places. All the operations must  and will be completed by the regulations of authorities.


Radon repairs

We will take care of all radon repair procedures with good experience. The type of construction, conditions of the soil and features of the building is the main keys when the choosing the right type of radon repair. We will find out the best way to repair your radon problem and give you the written offer, always before starting the repair.



Radonway radon repair systems are CE-Marked and comes with manual.


Servicing of radon repair equipment

We will offer servicing for all existing radon repair equipment. No matter of the age, brand or type of the system, we will take care of the service. Existing equipment can also be updated to modern systems. We will always perform the optimizing of the installed system. Ask for more…


Radon repairs with guarantee

Asunnon radonturvallisuus


We will take care of the radon problems at home and work place with guarantee.

We have great experience of radon repairs so we can certainly help you too.

Let’s make your indoor air safe for everyone.

Call our customer service +358 10 323 1000 and order cost free inspection.

Authorized installation company of Radonway systems in Finland.


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