RadonWay radon repairing systems

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Removes radon gas from inside air effectively and surely, with guarantee

RadonWay products are designed for northern climats. Made in Finland.

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100 % Guarantee to radon renovation

RadonWay® registered trademark is promise of guality and functionality.

RadonWay® trademark is approved by Finnish patent and registration office.

Radonway products have been generated for the demand of getting modern and cost effective radon repair systems to the market. Radonway products designed by finnish professionals already secures the safe inside air for numerous customers in Finland. Radonway radon renovation equipment includes all the possible ways for radon repairs and are available nationally. Radon vacuum systems, radon wells, radon repairs, microbe protection = Radonway. 

Radonway products have the widest range of radon repair systems for all sized private houses and work places. Each and every Radonway product have been carefully designed and manufactured. Radonway products have been generated by professional engineering work and great experience of radon knowledge. All Radonway equipment are CE-Marked. 

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